Snap's Kakadu Club
sponsors & supporters

Thank you from Lindi Jane to the following:


For their support and television coverage.

Kidney Health Australia

For their wonderful sponsorship and support. 

Australian Society of Magicians

Many thanks for all of their guidance and support!

Derek Finch

For making things happen

Fresh Hair and Body

Thanks to sweet 'Gemma' and Leah who look after my blonde locks

SAV Sound

For helping Snap to be heard!

Onya Soapbox

For their support.

saturn creative

For a fabbo website!

Karen Ryder

Thanks to Karen the website update queen!

steven jones photography

For the stunning photos throughout the site.

Aardvark Entertainment

Bev Luff for first having the faith in me!

ABC Radio

Peter Goers & team – Thank you!! For putting up with Snap’s comments!

The Odeon Theatre

For letting us play there often!

Carclew Youth Arts

Helping kids come to see our show & support!

My Family

For your help and understanding my passion!

The Public

To those who support me often, with a kind word, a booking or just a big smile & laugh’s.. you are who inspire me and I am so happy to make you guys happy that’s the least I can do! After all, I was never taught this was a gift I was given.. I must use this for good ☺ XxxLJ

Jeff Smart

For the wonderful help creating puppets.

Delorean Hire UK

Thank you for sponsoring Snap's travels to the United Kingdom.

Warrnambool Fun4Kids Festival

Thank you for all the exciting fun and support.


Geoff Beasley @ Song Shop productions
Joel McMillian @ The Dairy Brothers
Mike Pitman @ Rumoured Productions
Brian Rock - Snap Wrap man - all those years ago!