Snap's Kakadu Club
dvds & merchandise

Dear 'Snap's Kakadu Club' mates:

Our first DVD is soon to be released called 'Snap's UK Walkabout' keep a Kakadu Look out for this!

Our 2nd DVD will be released in 2009 called 'Snap's Oz Walkabout'.

Snap's Kakadu Club - First CD will be launch later this year and ready for sale soon!

T'shirts with our great SKC colours and Snap's catchy saying 'Tuff Crowd' will feature on shirts and other shirts will feature the wording: 'I'm a Snap's Kakadu Club member' other wording will be 'I am important' 'I love being me' 'I am Snap Happy' & 'Snap's my Kakadu Mate'

These items will be sold at our performance's and on line.

Other merchandising available in 2009!