Snap's Kakadu Club
dvds & merchandise

Dear 'Snap's Kakadu Club' mates,

There are plenty of snap happy memories coming your way with a range of products available VERY SOON. Check out this list!

  1. 2 DVDs - 'Snap's UK Walkabout' and 'Snap's Oz Walkabout'.
  2. Our 1st Snap's Kakadu Club CD. 
  3. T'shirts with our great SKC colours and Snap's catchy saying 'Tuff Crowd' will be featuring on our range of shirts as well as other great slogans like:
  • 'I'm a Snap's Kakadu Club member'
  • 'I am important'
  • 'I love being me'
  • 'I am Snap Happy'
  • 'Snap's my Kakadu Mate'

These items will be sold at our performances and online so keep a Kakadu look out for everything!