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Lindi Jane is an award-winning Adult and Children’s Ventriloquist. Lindi Jane has established herself as a cross-arts creative artist appearing on national television and touring New Zealand, Asia and Australia over the past 20 years with her self-created puppet team - ‘Snap’s Kakadu Club’. Lindi Jane is also a talented comedian, singer and voice-over artist and is able to adapt her performances, both adult and children’s, for any private, public or corporate event.

Lindi Jane started her career from Hospital after years of corrective heart treatment and surgery. When in hospital a lovely nurse gave Lindi a sock puppet and said it was great to play with and help with her healing. It did!!

Lindi Jane ended up learning the art of Ventriloquism by her own and started performing around the hospital and when well enough, she performed at schools, fetes and community shows. Lindi Jane loved playing with puppets so much she has made it her one love and a successful career.

Performing all around the world Lindi Jane decided to develop a children’s show that would be in the likes of her heroes ‘The Wiggles’ and early day shows like ‘Romper Room’ & ‘Humphrey’.

‘Snap’s Kakadu Club’ came to her in a dream with her lead character Snap Crocodilous having his own club where we can go to if things aren’t going right and we need to feel better about ourselves, somewhere where Lindi Jane needed to go when in Hospital recovering.

Over the past 20 years Snap’s Kakadu Club has toured New Zealand, Australia and Asia. The show is yet to hit your television screens but with Lindi Jane’s faith, determination and love of what she does it won’t be long until Snap’s Kakadu Club will strive to new heights.

Lindi Jane has many talents in Comedy, Singing, Voice-Overs and Writing for various projects around Australia and if ever you wish to say ‘howdy’ to her, please do so! Her bubbly and friendly nature shows her feet are on the ground but her dreams are aimed high at the sky! The sky is the limit!


TV & Media Appearances


Comedy Shows

Stand-Up Support Act to: David Straussman, Pommy Johnson, Dave Grant, Marty Fields, Ricky Dunn, Ross Prior and appearing often in Adelaide’s Local Comedy Scene.

Presenter for Live Children's Shows

Adult Shows - World Wide

Lindi Jane’s has her own ‘Ventriloquist’ floorshow featuring all her adult characters including Fluffi–Feline, a French pussy who has future telling talents, singing and plenty of innuendos. Snap Crocodilous, Dazey & Bonza Mate are also very well received by a strickly adult audience. Lindi Jane compliments each show with her personal touch to detail and comic ability.

Singer, Cartoonist, Voice-Over Artist

Lindi Jane expands her talents into singing original children’s songs and appears in her new corporate band for adults. The creative talents continue with voice-overs & drawing, which she is to use in her future act. All of her characters are derived from her drawings, made into beautiful puppets and then Lindi Jane brings them to life. You have to see her to believe!

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