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Lindi-Jane, with her bubbly personality, invites you to a night of fun and laughter. Whatever you need for your event, Lindi-Jane can show her versatility with arranging her performance to suit your venue of audience.

All venues require different acts - some raunchier, filled with innuendos - and others clever and clean, it is all up to what the client wants. Lindi-Jane is a creative performer and will suit any environment

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The business of ventriloquism is not as elaborate as an escapologist or magician, so you will not need to provide expensive props for Lindi-Jane to perform.

Lighting: Basic wash (pink and blue) with spot light or general wash if you do not have a spot.

Staging: Adult act, standard 8ft deep by 8ft wide. Stairs at side or front. Easy entrance and exit.

Contact: Always have a contact for Lindi-Jane to speak to on arrival at venue, and provide a running sheet for the event. Lindi-Jane will also provide a 'tech sheet' for your sound engineer to follow.

Sound: Lindi-Jane can provide a head mic, but if you have a standard lapel mic, then that will be used. Stand mics are only used when Lindi-Jane is doing special routines for small events. Lindi-Jane finds the head mic better for mobility.

Personality: Lindi-Jane is an easygoing person. She will always be helpful and respectful to all that book her. Please help her help you.

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