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Our TV Series on C31 is almost here!!

First week of September 2013 is our kick off and gosh are we excited!! Start watching C31 for our promo’s which will appear soon and you can view the many ‘made with love’ productions C31 air on this wonderful community station.

Check out our latest YouTube clips!!!

NOW ON TELEVISION ON CHANNEL 44 at 7.30 pm Sunday to Thursday 44Adelaide!!!

Snap's Kakadu Club is wishing to bring back ‘wholesome’ fun television for kids of today.
In the style of Sesame street, Play school & Channel Niner's. Getting back to the basics!

Snap’s Kakadu Club started out as a children’s stage show helping children feel good about themselves and be involved with all our fun characters at our live performances around Australasia. We are now on TV on channel 44 Adelaide as well which is very exciting! Original stories are read by Lindi Jane to the children of Australia. 

We help bring back the old-fashioned manners and respect teaching through music, educational themes and conversation.

Concepts like:

We present ways of helping Mom and Dad by helping themselves where possible around the house.

Segments that would help with their development such as:

Snap’s Kakadu Club has found that the audience’s have varied from ages 3- 10yrs to ages up to 13yrs watching and participating, interacting with Lindi Jane and her SKC characters.

Lindi Jane’s personal ‘bubbly’approach in the ‘live’ shows has been accepted and appreciated by children and parents around Australia and Overseas.


Snap’s Kakadu Club features characters: Snap, Dazey, Fluffi, Sniffer and Bonza who came together after meeting in Kakadu National Park in Australia!

They all met on a bush walk in Kakadu National park, Northern Territory Australia.
Snap is a little cheeky crocodile from Kakadu, Dazey a wallaby from the London zoo who speaks with a Yorkshire accent and was on holiday, Fluffi – Feline the French kitty who visited with her owner’s staying at Kakadu, got lost after going for a quick walk and Sniffer the Canadian Golden Retriever was a sniffer dog, when Lindi Jane discovered them all on a bush walk. As the story unfolds they come together to help each other and all those they meet in creating happy times and wonderful advertures & stories.

Snap’s Kakadu Club feature’s original songs, stories, interviews, competitions and games
All created by Lindi Jane with help from our Snap’s Kakadu Club teachers & professional Children performance advisors.

SKC next aim is a television show that will be in the likes of the early local Adelaide children shows in the 1980’s but with a modern themes and positive stories, goals and concepts.

Lindi Jane with Snap’s Kakadu Club wish to help children to Be prepared and having fun with the gift you are given... LIFE!

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